radiogurl - 2006-04-04 19:04:51
The subliminal arias rising to the top like curds in whey. They are the stupid, ridiculous songs so deeply embedded into our psyche, like dirt etched into flesh in a fall, that we can't seem to overcome them. I hope that it's not a precursor to an apartment fiasco - unless the glory of a solitary life is your dream.
muppet23 - 2006-04-05 10:29:44
IF I had any recollection for any movie that I have not seem more than four times, perhaps I would have caught it -- alas, I am riddled with the reality of a slow death in memory (damned aluminum Diet Coke cans...).

Gimme your new addy, if you dare, and I'll promise to stop sending Likert graphs and pie charts to your humble, FIRST FLOOR!, abode.
troisieme - 2006-04-07 16:24:59
my latest dream involved a new version of pac-man. wtf? hey, are you reading my blog? if so, stop lurking and say hi! i demand it. so...hey man, what's up... =) oh yeah, i lived in 5 diff apartments during my 3 yrs in nyc, BUT they were in manhattan, brookyln, AND queens, because i am clearly more diversified than you. what? nevermind. just hi.

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