cozycloudabove - 2005-02-25 18:03:43
Travel is an enticing and exotic experience. Just not when it's your job and you can't really enjoy anything because you have no money. I traveled by myself in Europe for two weeks. It was cool and I saw a lot, but by the end, by the time I hit Paris, I was done. I had no friends in the city. I had no money to really enjoy the city. I had no knowledge of the language of the city. I was so ready to be back in London where my apartment was, where people I knew were, where they spoke English... Travel is exhausting. Do try to enjoy Las Vegas though. It's on the map for a reason and it would behoove you to find out why. Oh and don't do anything stupid. Well, too stupid.
jewish wisdom.. - 2005-02-25 21:22:57
How,in the world,did you manage to upgrade to first-class? Don't tell me it's the flight-hair,because i have like 20 times more hair then you do,and i'm not afraid to use it! (by the way,i liked the "flight-hair" thing. Lorleiy Gilmoure jumping up & down with supreme hapiness,doesn't even know why...) Oh,and come on..It's fucking vegas! other than fear and loath you can get drunk,get married,get a divorce..(not necesserally in that order,but it is strongly recomended..)
radiogurl - 2005-02-26 11:06:01
Meh, if you want intellect, don't go to Vegas. There's a force field at its perimeter, one that arbitrarily lowers IQ upon entry. For those who had an IQ when they arrived, it returns upon their exit; but for the average dreck, they will remain stupid, never regaining the negligible points that might have given them a personality, if not intellect.
shannonkitty - 2005-03-01 06:15:18
In my experience, finding a place where the music suits you makes dealing with business travel a little bit easier. You can be anywhere or nowhere but the music (and refreshments) provide a familiar context from which you can make sense out of the rest of trip.

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