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2005-03-24 - 10:42 a.m.

New York as viewed from cramped apartments and entry-level positions, and usually expressed through indignant screaming. Brett Jones, a New York comic working in nearly every room in the city, and just back from a Nationwide tour, provides a pre-show rife with punk rock sensibility. The show opens with the surreal gone too real sketch of The Best Looking Men at 2 AM, all to the chords of Brother Keith. Then we get to the weird looking blond kid. Grab a couple drinks, enjoy the show, and think of Old Blue Eyes when the Yankees win.

If you came to this link from outside blogging land, welcome to my little space on the highway. Feel free to poke about at the entries contained. Some of them broach actual humor. Those of you of the d-land crowd. There's a real entry behind this one. And again, if you have the means, come on down.

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